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Running Tips: Searching for THAT FEELING

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Distance running is a SPORT, not a weight loss fad!

Training for distance running is a commitment unlike many other sports. No team aspect, little recognition for achievements and the ratio of training to racing/competing nearly unmeasurable. Some elite marathoners can train up to 20hrs + a week per year with only 1 or 2 races in said period.

My belief is, that it’s the internal factors that keep enthusiastic runners continuing to set the alarm clock every morning..

Personally I find that about one session a month I have THAT FEELING where the effort required to move smoothly and quickly are of no real pressure in my mind or body. This comment enforces how great THAT FEELING is when the remaining 29 days in the month can really grind away.

Over the last 2 years I have found less pressure to PB and more focus on ensuring that on my 80th Birthday I can put the shoes on and search once again for the FEEL…

Longevity in this sport requires a real passion for it and not a requirement to shift a few kilos or get into the latest fad (think barefoot running). I say to my group “Losing weight is a by-product of consistent training eg get fit by running not run to get fit”.

As a younger runner a flat battery on my garmin could have meant no run today as I was unable to gauge pace, time etc.

That seems quite ridiculous to me now as running with no watch or set course is now my weekly longrun method…(not to mention days when I just want to hit the trails behind home).

Next time your tired, sore or its blowing a gale outside, just lace up and get moving you may not lose a single KG but if you get THAT FEELING that’s food for the soul 😉

Marty Brazel ~just words about a sport


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