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Triathlon Tips: Countdown To Your First Race

Getting ready for your first triathlon is exciting! It’s also a sport with lots of equipment and a bit of planning involved. There are some things you can do leading up to the race that will make you feel more prepared and give you a better experience. Here are some tips for

Creatine For Endurance Athletes, Does It Work?

  Creatine is relatively new to the performance supplements arena, having its first known usage in athletics in 1993. Since then the number of creatine studies have increased, but a lot of questions still remain un-answered. Creatine is a substance found in dietary meat and fish, but is also created in your

Threshold Heart Rate – A Cyclists Magic Number

What if I told you YOU had a magic number? A number that made you place better in races? A number that made you break all your own STRAVA records? A number that defined your optimal performance? Well that number exists, and you are only a 20 minute ride away from finding it out! This