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6KU Fixie Bike Review

For 200 bucks, you can get yourself one damn good lookin fixie.

Now for anyone who has spent any time in the cycling world, will surely know that $200 does not get very far at all. A nice set of pedals maybe? So how on earth could you get a bike of any sort of quality for 2 Benjamins?

Put fun first

That’s exactly what 6ku do with their bikes. I’ve had more fun riding around on my $200 6ku test bike, than my $7000 specialized venge + power meter. Why? It’s fun! It’s a bike I can jump on, in my jeans, skate shoes (no lycra required) and zip downtown to do what ever I need. Throw a cheap bike lock around it, and not have to worry about it.

For starters the frame shape and somewhat dish wheels are classic and fit right in with the cafe racers. It doesn’t look like a toy bike or a walmart bike. It’s trendy. It may weigh a ton compared to my carbon Venge, but hey…. I don’t plan on taking any STRAVA KOM’s on it. This is where I am saving money, the steel frame is all I need for my down town fixie.

I can bang 6ku bike around, I can lay it on the ground, I don’t have to worry about scratching it, it’s my little $200 toy!

As for riding, it’s far from boring, the steep head angle makes it ride just like my proper track racing bike. It’s twitchy! this aint no cruiser, this is a very quick steering for quick reactions in traffic and on the sidewalks. Or just creating my own slalom courses in town around bollards, signs and trees.

The 6ku fixies sharp steering coupled with very comfy and responsive riser bars very reminiscent of my mountain bike, make for a fun riding experience. Not to mention the wide 28c tires, I’m finding myself riding over all sorts of stuff like curbs and steps just cuz I can!

The front brake is decent enough for most commuters, but given my multi disciplinary racing background (track, road and MTB) I am finding myself pushing this bike beyond its braking capabilities.

Which is not very good!

I’ll probably scour ebay for some cheap front and rear shimano 105 stoppers, but then they will still cost more than the entire bike. So maybe not, maybe I should learn to curb my enthusiasm. Maybe this is a positive aspect of the bike that it entices me to take my life into my own hands 😛

The pedals and grips are cheap, but effective on the 6ku bike. The grips are comfy and the pedals are plastic enough not to gouge holes into my legs when I ‘mess up’. What I like most is that they are simple cheap plastic flat pedals. For once I don’t need cleats and I can wear my casual shoes. Plus if I ever break them, I should be able to replace them for under $10. The hand grips are pretty comfy and go nicely with the riser handlebars.

As for the saddle, it’s perfect for my race hardened derriere…

but the commuter only rider may opt for a comfier option. It’s not as hard as any road cycling saddle, but like I said, the typical commuter may find it harsh.

Of course for the price the wheelset aren’t exactly going to be your mavic cosmic carbones,  but jeez they’re not bad for the price. If you keep them cleaned, maintained and don’t ride through much dirt or grime, you should easily get a few years out of them.

The rear wheel has a flip flop hub so you can change from fixie to single speed pretty darn easy. The standard gearing that comes with the bike is really in the sweet spot for me, it’s fast enough that I can hit all the speed I need for around town, but it’s small enough I’m not walking up hills.

I really can’t compare this bike to my road/track/mountain bikes…6ku-fixie-review3

because it really is a different machine. It’s not trying to be the lightest, stiffest and fastest (which is lucky cause it is neither) but it does trump most other bikes I’ve ever owned in the fun and usability.

I’m always finding excuses for myself to get out on my 6ku fixie, leaving the lycra and cleats behind and just enjoying cruising and exploring on 2 wheels, just like when I was growing up as a kid!

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