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5 Half Marathon Tips That Most People Neglect

The 5 half marathon tips below are so simple and effective that if you follow them, you WILL have a better run on the day.

Half Marathon Tip 1: Train With Your Nutrition

On race day you want to be able to reduce unknown variables. You are going to need to take on a variety of nutrition before and during the race like carbohydrates an electrolytes. Don’t be trying out new foods on your big day. Try different gels, drinks, bars whilst you are training for your event. The one’s you find that work the best for you are the ones you want to be using on race day.


Half Marathon Tip 2: Rest Is Best

In the 2 weeks leading to your event, nerves can start to get the better of you. “Have I done enough?”, “Can I cram in some more efforts?” are questions that almost everyone asks themselves at this point. But with 2 weeks to go, your goal is to be the freshest you can be. Come race day, you will be looking to have the best FORM possible. FORM is calculated by a simple formula


The more you train the more you fatigue. The fitness you have obtained so far will stay with you providing you do taper specific workouts that minimise fatigue. Your goal is to be as fresh as possible on race day


Half Marathon Tip 3: No New Gear

The idea of a brand new pair of running shoes or a brand new running shirt is tempting to reward yourself on race day. But going back to Tip 5, you don’t want to introduce any unknown variables. New shoes may give blisters and new shirts may give nipple chafing. Decide what clothing you plan on competing in and be sure to do plenty of training to make sure they are comfortable and won’t affect your performance on the day


Half Marathon Tip 4: Pace Yourself

Once you red line it and hit the wall, your race will spiral into disaster as you not only try to recover but lose a lot of time doing it. Start out conservatively, try and run the second half of the race faster than the first. This is known as negative splitting, and will have you finishing the event strong, confident and in a much better time.


Half Marathon Tip 5: Don’t Take Yourself To Seriously

Lastly the most overlooked half marathon tip. You’re a working class athlete, not an Olympic athlete. Training and racing should be fun and enjoyable! Whether you come last or do a personal best, I guarantee those closest to you will be equally as proud. Train hard and consistently and do your best, but remember there is more to life than running and it is no substitute for quality family time.


Do you have some really easy and effective half marathon tips? Share them below to help other working class athletes be at their best on race day.

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