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For amateur athletes with a full time life

Leave it in Your Mental Locker

  Dr Jim Afremow is a professional sports psychologist from Phoenix Arizona who has worked with some of the worlds best athletes. From American pro athletes to Olympics teams, Jim has helped the worlds best mentally prepare for the stresses in and out of the sports arena. Jim has been kind enough

4 Attributes of Successful Goal Setting

What exactly do you wish to accomplish this racing season? When designing your training plan, this is possibly the most important question that determines the direction you will take. Don't be hasty in setting your goals, you should really take your time and think about them carefully. Take a few days

Running Tips: Searching for THAT FEELING

Written for by one of our amazing readers, Marty. Want to share your stories or tips? Email Ben at [email protected] Distance running is a SPORT, not a weight loss fad! Training for distance running is a commitment unlike many other sports. No team aspect, little recognition for achievements and the ratio of

Wee, Sweat & Tears, My First Half Marathon

This is the concluding piece from our wonderful reader who has shared her experience and transformation from alcoholic smoker to healthy half marathon finisher. Be sure to read her first 2 stories "Taking your first steps to becoming a runner" and "OK I can run, now how do I get better?" If

6KU Fixie Bike Review

For 200 bucks, you can get yourself one damn good lookin fixie. Now for anyone who has spent any time in the cycling world, will surely know that $200 does not get very far at all. A nice set of pedals maybe? So how on earth could you get a bike

Think Like a Bumblebee Train Like a Racehorse

Some would argue that psychology in sport is equally as important as skill and conditioning. You see examples of it everywhere. The underdog triumphing over the favorite. Carlos Sastre's Tour de France winning time trial. Liverpools 2014 winning streak and Manchester Uniteds fall from grace. Times when quantifiable performance attributes and