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Leave it in Your Mental Locker

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Dr Jim Afremow is a professional sports psychologist from Phoenix Arizona who has worked with some of the worlds best athletes. From American pro athletes to Olympics teams, Jim has helped the worlds best mentally prepare for the stresses in and out of the sports arena.

Jim has been kind enough to share a fantastic concept with the Working Class Athlete community.

Throughout the duration of your training session or competition, do not to mentally process any personal concerns, such as thinking about work problems or family issues. Leave these burdens in your mental locker when you hit the road, go to the pool, or show up at the gym.

There’s a martial arts expression when you arrive at the dojo, “Leave the outside, outside.” Why? This is because an athlete distracted will soon be an athlete defeated. Free yourself to switch ON (sports mode) so that you funnel all of your energy to the purpose at hand.

If what’s troubling you is legitimate, you’ll be able to manage it more effectively afterwards. Deal with it later in the day, when you aren’t in athlete mode, by setting aside a dedicated time for resolving the issue. There will be an opportunity to turn your undivided attention to it later.

After performing, switch OFF (non-athlete mode) so that you do not end up taking your practice or game home. This will allow you to attend to the other areas of your life, as well as to rest and relax, and return the next day refreshed and energized. Emphasize the here-and-now in all realms of your life.

Adapted from “The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive” by Jim Afremow, Ph.D. (Rodale, 2014).

I cant help but relate to this when I go to my local gym and every second person is on their smart phone between sets. Personally I like going to the gym BECAUSE it’s an hour disconnected from the online world.

But more importantly, working class athletes can benefit from this the most. We are always juggling work, family and training workload. Next time your out for a ride, put everything else in your life out of your mind and focus on the moment and most of all relish the time you have on the bike, in the pool or out on the trails.


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If your looking for performance gains without breaking a sweat, invest some time in learning some mental preparation techniques whilst enjoying a nice wine or coffee.

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