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Overtraining & The Signs Of Burnout

Overtraining is a decreased capacity for work that slowly develops from an imbalance between stress and rest   The overtrained athlete experiences declining performance and a nagging exhaustion that no longer responds to a few days rest. These are the best indicators of overtraining and is also known as "Staling". When faced with

10 Tips on Meeting Your Competitive Goals

Life is about learning to overcome challenges, and competing in sports is one of the most exciting ways to do that. No matter what sport you are going for, like running, cycling, swimming, or even triathlons, you have started down a new path. You have found something that you enjoy,

Tips For Running With Flat Feet

Running with Flat Feet Running with flat feet can be incredibly painful for your entire body. Eventually it is going to cause pain to run up your legs and into your back due to the incorrect method of running. Of course, there isn't much you can do about the shape of your feet,

My First Introduction To HIIT

HIIT me! Its winter and the time of year where everyone is so busy with life that exercise doesn’t really get a look in, it happens to the best of us. So, while I was on the train home a couple of week’s back I was looking for a quick workout

How to Survive Winter Running

I am here to celebrate the joys of winter running. I know it’s cold and dark and rainy, and no I am not superhuman. I do have a job, I keep house, I have a boyfriend and other things I like to do. Yes I know you all probably like to

How to Improve Your Reaction Time

Reaction Time Improve your bunch riding reaction time with these simple exercises. Reaction time is an increasingly important aspect of every sport, especially short duration events when the difference between competitors is marginal. Not only is reaction time a great indicator of the speed and effectiveness of an individual’s decision making,

Pacing – The Biggest Running Lesson I’ve Learned

Another very useful guide by our reader Matt. If you would like to share your tips, guides or stories, email Ben at [email protected] I entered my first race, the Great North 10K, in 2011 and finished in 1:05:10. Three years and one marathon later, at the British 10K on 13th July